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Technology: Merging Cellphones and Dashboards

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No, G. M.’s plan is not to shortchange buyers, though simply to let them equivocate shopping what they already own. Today, job home is frequency finished on a phone built into a dashboard, and accessible song is reduction mostly stored on CDs tangled into a glove box; increasingly, a smartphone in a driver’s slot serves both needs.

So G. M.’s newest proceed is a elemental change in truth from a use of embedding such record in a guts of a car. Instead, it will offer an inexpensive couple that lets drivers control their phone — and some-more important, a apps — regulating a dashboard hold screen.

Apple might embankment Google maps in subsequent chronicle of iOS

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Google enclosed a above picture on an invitation to a press eventuality on Jun 6.

Apple and Google are famous to quarrel on occasion, so we shouldn-t be astounded that a dual are carrying a small quarrel over maps right now. But let-s examination what-s going on.

As a folks during a Wall Street Journal indicate out, -the iPhone and Google Maps have seemed like ideal digital bedfellows- ever given they got together in 2007. The iPhone has relied on Google Maps — a hunt engine giant-s map service — in sequence to keep Apple fanboys and fangirls from removing mislaid in a genuine world.

DealBook: Technical Trading Issues to Blame for Facebook-s Fall, Meeker Says

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Tony Avelar/Bloomberg NewsMary Meeker, a partner during Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, addressed Facebook’s gloomy batch performance.

Mary Meeker, a partner of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, doesn’t censure a bankers a Facebook’s unfit debut.

Speaking during a AllThingsD D10 discussion on Wednesday, Ms. Meeker, a former Morgan Stanley researcher nicknamed “Queen of a Net,” described Facebook’s initial open charity as a “financial tsunami,” though placed many of a censure on a fibre of technical glitches that rocked Facebook’s batch on a initial day of trading. The I. P.O’s rare distance presented an huge plea for a Nasdaq, where it was listed. Morgan Stanley, her former employer and lead landowner for a offering, also faced questions about a purpose in a I. P.O.

Researchers Create Touch Sensitive Robotic Skin

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Besides improving a robot's navigational abilities, the development could lead to self perception. Robots will soon be able to feel heat or gentle touching on their surfaces, thanks to scientists at the Technical University Munich (Technische Universität München, TUM). The researchers are now developing small hexagonal plates that when joined together form a sensitive skin for “intelligent machines.” The work has the potential to not only help robots better navigate within their environments, it may also enable robot self-perception, the group claims in a prepared statement. A single robotic arm has already been partially equipped with sensors, proving the concept works.


An obvious point of comparison for the work is human skin, which is a communicative wonder. The nerves in our skin convey temperature, pressure, shear forces and vibrations – from the finest breath of air to touch or pain sensations. At the same time, the skin is the organ by which we set ourselves apart from our environment and distinguish between environment and body.

Cyberweapon Warning From Kaspersky, a Computer Security Expert

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He also famous that a virus, that he compares to a Stuxnet pathogen built by programmers employed by a United States and Israel, adds weight to his warnings of a grave dangers acted by governments that make and release viruses on a Internet.

“Cyberweapons are a many dangerous creation of this century,” he told a entertainment of record association executives, called a CeBIT conference, final month in Sydney, Australia. While a United States and Israel are regulating a weapons to delayed a chief bomb-making abilities of Iran, they could also be used to interrupt energy grids and financial systems or even wreak massacre with troops defenses.

Android A to Z: Google Play

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Today on Android A to Z we-re going to speak about Google Play. If you-re new to Android, we see us chuck it around a lot when articulate about downloading apps, though there-s a good bit some-more to it, and we consider there-s even some-more planned. It-s many some-more than a name for Android-s central focus store, and it-s value carrying a good prolonged demeanour during it.